"Everyone's Journey is Unique"

Optimal Balance is a studio featuring Group and Individual personal training. All classes and sessions are planned and executed by a certified, insured and qualified trainer. All of your trainers have a unique personality, and it is our job to motivate you, and to make sure to keep your programs interesting and successful.

Anyone can start at any time, at any fitness level, we will modify for you as needed. Aside from the Group and Individual Training, we have a Nutritional Consultant on board on a one to one basis and to offer nutritional seminars. Fitness Assessments, Team Sport Training and Vibrational Energy Therapy are just a few of our other services.


A Note From The Owner

"Optimal Balance has been very blessed to have great members that are supportive and encouraging of all, and some great friendships have been made here. I couldn't ask for a better environment, both members, and location to assist people in their health and wellness. It is truly our desire to see you meet your health goals for a happier and healthier you!
- Shelley Webber

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