“New” Burlesque – Adult Cardio Class

The purpose of this class is to improve confidence and body awareness. This will be a class designed not only for a good cardio workout but also to show women all of the wonderful ways their bodies can move. We will learn routines and make use of various props, utilising different types of music. No dance experience necessary, this class is geared towards fun and confidence-building. The coordination and cardio components are just added benefits.
Come on out and learn how to move your body in new ways, and have fun doing it!

Triple Threat

Optimal Balance’s main class. It will deliver a total body conditioning program with a mix of cardio, strength training and core work. The AM class is broken down into split training days, which means that you will get different muscles groups, cardio and core on different days in a scheduled program. The evening classes will focus on full body workouts.

Stability Ball Class

Get moving with the stability ball. A full body workout that will challenge you. Don’t forget to BYOBall.


Zenga is mindful movement that brings about clarity of the mind while releasing body tension through purposeful movement. Zenga focuses on core stability, stamina and rsilience while attaining a state of presence. The increase in demand on your neuromuscular system allows you to reap the benefits of improved strength, clarity and overall fitness. This class will incorporate a light weight workout into it. Great class for any age!


High Intensity Interval Training – This class will deliver! Intervals of Cardio and strength training will keep you moving and sweating.


Got flexibility? PiYo is the perfect blend of Pilates/Yoga, sports stretch, dance stretch, athletics and more. This is a stretch workout for those who want more than just flexibility; they want to burn calories and build muscle! This dynamic fusion workout is easy on the joints, yet delivers strength, balance, agility and flexibility in one unique calorie buring workout.

PiYo Awareness

This is the same as PiYo but at a much slower pace with a focus on the pelvic floor, core muscles, balance, strength and flexibility training.


Nia is a sensory-based movement practice that draws from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts. It empowers people of all shapes and sizes by connecting the body, mind, emotions and spirit. Classes are taken barefoot to soul-stirring music. Check out our Nia Classes with Leslie, you’ll love it.


This beginner flexibility training class is designed to help you move with more freedom, and ease tension from the body. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels!


An obstacle course, stations or a challenge will accompany this mix of cardio and weights.

Body Strength/ABSolution

Think you need to lift heavy to get a challenge? Think again. Working your core and training your balance while mixing in body strength training moves is the game in this class!

Get Your Rear In Gear!

Get bored easily? This class will solve that problem. We will do 4 week intervals of DrumFit, Piloxing, BootyBarre, Hip Hop Hustle, MOB PUMP, ABSolution, Brazilian Butt Lift, Turbo Kick and much more! Keeping active has never been so much fun!


Kick and punch your way into shape. Great fun, great energy, lots of sweat, and great results. Note: Gloves are needed for this class. Instructor will ease you into proper form in this class to prevent injuries.


Is a high intensity group exercise class that incorporates total body movements. Your exercises and weights will be customized to fit your personal strengths and weaknesses. In each class, you are either timed for each exercise, like in a circuit, or you are timed individually to complete a list of exercises with a set number of repititions. You will no doubt see quick improvements in your muscular strength, muscular power, cardiovascular fitness and your mental toughness when you get involved consistently in this class! Everyone is welcome and everyone will be challenged to the best of their ability. Please take note of the beginner/intermediate and the intermediate/advanced class times.

Turbo KickĀ®

The fat-blasting, ab-defining cardio workout that is sweeping the nation’s health clubs and allows you to burn up to 1,000 calories an hour! A mix of kickboxing and simple dance grooves set to heart pounding dance music that will have you looking forward to your next workout!

Brazilian Butt Lift/ABSolution

SHAPE, LIFT and FIRM your gluteal muscles to get you that perfectly round Brazilian Butt. We’ll combine Brazilian dance moves, cardio, and signature lower-body sculpting moves to help you look divine from behind! ABSolution will define your core and hit your core muscles from all angles.

Ask us about our Vibrational Energy Therapy!