Kathy Mason






I began exercising with Shelley in Oct. of 2009, and I can still remember calling to get the info on her classes, and questioning myself about being able to keep up. I started with 1 class a week with Shelley, and I also gathered with some friends 1 night a week for some exercise too. I really didn’t think that I had any more time than that to fit into my schedule. I continued that regime until the beginning of the next year. By January 2010, I was really enjoying Shelley’s classes, so I signed up for 2 mornings a week and cancelled my 1 evening class. When October rolled around that year, I was feeling stronger, and I was proud that I was keeping loyal to my commitment, but there was one thing missing. I went to Shelley and expressed the fact that I wasn’t dropping the weight that I was hoping for. Remember, this was 1 year into this 2 day a week program, and I was expecting miracles! Shelley had just moved her location to Gidley St. Her business was growing, classes were expanding, and she started talking more about our eating habits. MINE WERE BAD!!! It was at this time Shelley first introduced me to a book about “Clean Eating” by Tosca Reno. I got this book on a Friday, took it home and started reading. By Monday, I began by starting a whole new way of grocery shopping and preparing my meals. It took me some time to change over what was in my cupboards, but as time went on, and I was seeing the difference it was making, I became a “Believer”. It was all so easy and the pounds started dropping off. It was at the time that I was convinced that I liked the way I was beginning to feel and look, and that I was going to make the necessary changes to start making classes 5 days a week. Something I was going to do just for “ME” Shelley then began to explain to me to not only watch the scales, but to start taking measurements. If I remember correctly, she made me vow to not step in the scale for a month! Inches start decreasing sometimes before pounds, so I started a chart, and I wrote down my measurements every month. To see it on paper sure helped too! By Feb. 2011, I had lost 10 inches overall. 4 months after I started eating clean. Changes vary with people, but I was very pleased with how my body was responding to my new way of life. I was 160 lbs. when I started Eating Clean and after 3 yrs. lost 25lbs. and have held my weight at 135lb. for the last year and a half. I have confidence that I can continue to hold my weight by continuing this program I’m on.

I was lucky enough to meet Tosca Reno and hear her speak which was a highlight of my life! She is a wonderful motivational speaker and down to earth lady who is in incredible shape for a 50 something year old. If you ever have the chance, she is a “must see”. A very inspirational women, and when you hear her testimonial, you will be very impressed!
Like Shelley always quotes “Everyone has a story to tell” Thank-you for letting me tell you mine!



~ Kathy Mason



The picture is of me post workout. (A workout that Shelley designed).
Largest sweat stain to date! ~Dawn

I started my journey with Optimal Balance back in June 2013. I attended about 4-5 times a week. Summer proved to be difficult to make it that often, but I did my best tp go at least 2-3 times a week. Come September it was time to buckle down and get rid of the extra ‘summer fun’ that decided to stay on my hips and waist. I was faithful attending 4 classes a week, but was not committing to a clean eating plan. It was then I decided to get some Personal Training session with Shelley. Shelley set up home program tailored to my specific needs to go along with the classes I was attending as well. She kept me accountable with an on-line food log. Setting up small goals with dates to which they are to be completed also proved to be very helpful. In two weeks I lost more weight than I did in the two months prior. I feel stronger, healthier, and most importantly happier. I credit the regular exercise, clean eating, and the support I have received from Shelley at Optimal Balance for my success. Thank You!

2017 Honourable member of the year

Jane Hefley

It doesn’t matter who is there. We are all a part of the community, we support one another, and we work hard together, and accomplish our goals. I am stronger and anything I don’t think I can do, the encouragement we get makes me realize I can do it!!! Our trainers work hard to provide the best workouts that continue to challenge us but never discourage us. You are always bringing in new ideas to help us achieve our fitness goals or just to provide us with information to constantly improve our health. I look forward to coming every day!


~Jane Hefley

Rosemary Bowers


Hi! My name is Rosemary and I am very ordinary. A mother of two beautiful daughters and 3 adorable grandchildren. I am 58 years old, and I had a community job as a nurse that I found very rewarding. Life was going good and then I had a car accident. It has totally impacted my life significantly. I had received all types of modalities and various treatments over the years but was still left with fibromyalgia, chronic pain, lower back deterioration, and nerve impingement. Even at this time, more epidural injections and a possible back surgery are in the near future.


I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. It was downright gloomy. I was running out of options. I knew I had to get my body moving or it was going to continue to atrophy. I thought to myself, I will check out Optimal Balance. I was quite impressed with the staff and the programs they had to offer. There is definitely something for everyone. All instructors are certified. Good to know! They are so warm and encouraging and very knowledgeable. Modifications are available and using proper form is focused on.

With my body issues, a Rookie class was suggested for me to start in. Well, that class was laughable for my performances. I couldn’t do a push-up….where had all my strength gone? Well, I thought: we all have to start somewhere.
That’s the thing, our bodies are all different and we all come from different circumstances. All these things are addressed with you at Optimal Balance and like I said, you have to start somewhere. This is doable if you are thinking of starting your own fitness program. The team at Optimal Balance create a positive experience through the exercises and rationale behind the movements. This studio offers it all.

I have never looked back since that first day last Nov. My body has amazed me to such a degree. I crave the exercise as my body releases those feel good hormones. I hate to miss a class. My enthusiasm continues to grow and I am so grateful that I found Optimal Balance. It truly has given me a new lease on life on so many levels. I now attend the 6 am class time, along with meditation and yoga classes. I really couldn’t imagine my life without exercise. This is an excellent club with super staff, availability of programs and wonderful ladies in attendance. Coming from where I was, not even able to do one push-up to now, is like night and day. Come on ladies, what have you got to lose? I’m here to say: if I can do it, so can you.

Optimal Balance, you totally ROCK!

Lynn Hope

I saw this quote a while back. “It’s easier to wake up every morning and work out than it is to look in the mirror every day and not like what you see.”
I’m a part of a generation of women who never seems to be happy with their bodies. The shape is wrong, the butt’s too big, the boobs too small and maybe we are 10 to 20 pounds too heavy. We have tried everything to get that ‘perfect’ image. We can lose the pounds, pad the bra, change the shape and even tighten up the butt…but we’re still not happy with what we see.

I finally found it! I got it! I found the key! Optimal Balance. After a year or so of hesitation I finally went. I love it! I go as often as I can.
Shelley Webber promotes a positive, non-judgmental atmosphere that anyone can go in and not feel like they’re being judged or measured to someone else’s scale. I never expected to enjoy working out so much. I even tried kickboxing! Lol.
I don’t know if others see the difference, but I DO.
I don’t know if I’ll ever like what I see when I look in the mirror, but I love the way I feel and that is what it needs to be about.
~Lynn Hope